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Let Your Healing Journey Begin...

Holistic Counseling designed to help you reach

your full potential


  Jayme's unique approach blends science, intuition, nature and 20 years of expertise to bring you counseling that feels like taking a walk on the beach with a trusted friend.

Do you feel stuck and overwhelmed?

Transform your life. Work with someone who genuinely believes in your potential and will gently guide you towards achieving your wildest dreams.

Connect with Jayme in California and Maryland


Virtual Sessions in California:

111 Main Street  Suite F

Los Altos, CA  94022

Virtual or In person Sessions in Maryland:

Eastern Shore Healing Arts Building

617 Franklin Avenue,

Berlin, Maryland 21811

Phone: 410 726 7709


A holistic, trauma informed practice that will steer you towards self-acceptance and self-understanding.


Individual Therapy for all Ages

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Couples Therapy

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Holistic Wellness

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Trauma Recovery

Work With Jayme



Eastern Shore Healing Arts Building

617 Franklin Avenue

Berlin, Maryland 21811 

111 Main Street, Suite F

Los Altos, CA  94022

Thanks for reaching out. I can't wait to learn more about you.

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